Terms of trade

Biofood-Biolivs AB is a wholesale company and we deliver goods for sale or alternative use in production/serving to companies within or connected to the health, wellness and food industry (not to companies outside the industry or private individuals). Purchasing and economic associations can also buy from us, but must always pay their shipping and order in complete outer packaging (package).

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Unless otherwise agreed, the first order is always paid in advance to our bank transfer 988-7324. We then deliver against invoice, our invoices are handed over to -and must be paid to Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB(publ). BG 5316-9546. Betalningsvillkoren är 10 dagar netto, varefter dröjsmålsränta debiteras med 10 % samt en påminnelseavgift på 60 kronor exkl moms. Ange alltid fakturanummer vid betalning inkl. eventuella kreditfakturanummer som använts som betalning. Advance and direct debit payments are payable to our bank transfer 988-7324.

Take care of our earth and choose e-invoice!
20/30 days payment terms if you order via the web, receive e-invoice pdf by e-mail and sign up for direct debit payment on our website.

You can always contact us by:

Telephone: 08-500 200 00
E-mail: info@biofood.se