Our history, vision and responsibilities

  • Biofood is a food importer and distributor. The company has 35 years of experience in importing and selling organic food.
  • It all started when Denny Abrahamsson, a pioneer in organic food, started an organic grocery store in the early 80s, which still exists in the south, Gryningen Hälsokost AB.
  • Denny traveled around Europe and bought organic food that was not available in Sweden at the time. More and more stores contacted Denny and wanted to buy his products and sell in their stores. That's how the company Biofood was born, a wholesaler of organic food.
  • Since then, Biofood has sold organic foods to various markets, and as the interest in organic has increased in Sweden, Biofood has also grown.

Our customers are usually retailers, but if you are a private person who is interested in our assortment, you can find our products near you at our list of retailers!




Vår vision är att bidra till att människor och vår jord mår bra. Vår idé är att erbjuda ett brett sortiment av ekologiska, naturliga och hållbara produkter av bästa kvalitet inom kost och hudvård – tillgängligt för alla.

To leave a green footprint, we collaborate with the best suppliers both locally and globally.
We make it easy, fun and meaningful to find and choose our products. We bring out the love for food that tastes and does good!

Choose our organic and natural food and you will live in harmony with yourself and the world - not just for the moment but for all time to come.

Eat good – feel fine!