The basis of Biofood's assortment is organic staple foods, mainly grains, flour, nuts, dried fruit and more refined products such as cheese, pastries, pasta, vinegar tomato products, jams and oils as well as Asian delicacies such as algae, shoyu, tamari, tofu and miso.

We have a large selection of products free of, for example, flour, milk, gluten and sugar. In addition, soft drinks and sweets without added preservatives, dyes or white sugar. We also have products that meet Fairtrade's requirements for fair wages and working conditions.

Our customers are usually retailers, but if you are a consumer and interested in our assortment, you will find our products near you on our list of retailers!

Here you will find answers to other common questions about our products. Do you have a question yourself? Send an e-mail to: info@biofood.se